• What is the Respiratory Healer Network?


APractitioner Movement Meeting the “Whole Needs” of their Patients


Join a NEW FOUNDATION for 21st Century Healthcare

Through Holistic Respiratory Treatment Programs


By following a fully integrated model supporting the patient and the practice both receive incredible benefits. By providing the practitioner with the tools to educate the patient outside of the practice, through Tutorials, Roadmap Guides and downloads, you now have a direct plan for treatment, follow-up appointments and continuation products that GET RESULTS.These tools become an extension of your staff with new exclusive deliveries never seen by your patients. The network creates efficiencies for you and your staff, new revenues sources for the office and new successes for your patients. The patient model will also create word-of-mouth benefits to increase patient visits. By following the path which Dr. Ivker pioneered and perfected, you will share in the success of a program that is proven to get results for everyone involved.


  • How did the network start?


There have been many requests on the Sinus Survival website over the years from sinus sufferers who need a local practitioner and from doctors who want to provide the full Sinus Survival Solution. The demand has been created because the widely accepted conventional treatment for our most common respiratory condition:


–       is ineffective for curing the problem

–       offers temporary symptom relief

–       often exacerbates chronic sinusitis


Dr. Ivker has helped thousands to achieve life-changing results through his books, his lectures, co-founding the ABIHM (American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine –http://integrativeholisticdoctors.org/) and through his own practice. The network is a way to expand to benefit more practitioners and even more sufferers.With 4 editions of Sinus Survival selling close to ½ a million copies, there is a great brand equity platform. There are over 40 million sinus sufferers in the US who are looking for a new solution. By providing a practitioner in their area who they can turn to, we can multiply the life-changing results to an even greater audience.


  • What does it cost?


It is a minimal one-time fee, which includes all of the training, access to all patient web-based tutorials, materials, PDF downloads and hand-outs for patients. It also includes a Free Pulsatile Sinus Irrigation machine for your office to get started by providing immediate relief to your patients, on-site. There is also a $40 insurance reimbursement for each patient minimal time treatment. With additional revenue sources from the tutorials and products, most will get back their fee cost with just their first few patients.

Review the different packages including initial product bundles under “Join the Network”.

  • What are some of the other practice benefits?


See “Join the Respiratory Healer Network” on the www.respiratoryhealer.com website for the full list of benefits.


  • What are the revenue opportunities to the practice?


There is a wholesale program available as well as an affiliate program available. The average in-practice profits average 40%, the affiliate program ranges from 10% to 20%, depending on the product.


The average patient adds an additional $140 in practice profit per visit and an additional $90 a year in continuation profit. With a minimum of 10 patients per month the average practice will increase revenues by over $50,000 per year. 20 patients = over $109,000 per year in new billings, while achieving exceptional results or even life-changing results for your patients.  (See Revenue Review for more information)


Sample First Appointment with a Sinus Infection (with Products carried in-office)

  • $40 insurance reimbursement
  • $18 Tutorial (from network website)
  • $82 “Core Products Relief Kit” ($33 if affiliate Program)

$140 Profit


Chronic Patient – Add Fungal Program: $90 = $230 Profit

*Does not include the patient appointment fee


Continuation Program Revenues. For patients to practice prevention and build strong immunity the continuation program provides the patient with great health benefits. Let us provide the service, shipping and contact support and your practice will receive an affiliate component for every auto-order. This averages $7.50 per month, per patient. You will also receive affiliate revenue on all other products that a patient orders from the network automatically. Continuation revenues add up fast to become an important component of your office revenue structure.


  • What are the Issues facing most practices?
    • Tracking patient outcomes and servicing once they leave the office.
    • Successful treatment program for Respiratory issues.
    • There is not enough time to spend with each patient.
    • Marketing for new patients to create more office visits and revenue.
    • Creating on-going revenue from patients. If a product is sold at appointment the practice may not see them again for a year or longer.
    • Customer Relationship Management.
    • How to build
    • practice to take advantage of new changes in healthcare