Specially Formulated Products to Address:

The 5 Sinus Survival Components


  1. Heightened Self Awareness to Eliminate Contributors to Sinus Symptoms
  2. Create an Environment for Healthy Sinuses and Optimal Health
  3. Discover and eliminate what is causing an individual’s symptoms.
  4. Heal mucous membrane by reducing and/or eliminating inflammation
  5. Strengthen and/or restore balance to immune system




The Full Product Suite



Those who join the Respiratory Healer program are able to offer the full line of Sinus Survival products within their practice (Wholesale) or to provide products to their patients through our (Affiliate) on-line program or both. The Sinus Survival Line includes over 30 products to address the full integrative program.


Through the Village Green ownership, the network now expands to the exclusive Pathway line of products as well as Physician only and restricted brands. Village Green carries over 10,000 products and over 500 brands to meet the needs of our practitioners.




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Customized and Individualized Nutrition – Compounding



Village Green offers testing and a full compounding lab for customized and individualized nutrition and support. Practitioners may order test kits and work with Village Green directly for a personalized nutritional program for their patients. Village Green employs leading nutritionists who are available to your patients to schedule an on-line consultation, testing and individualized compounding.


Practitioners may receive affiliate compensation for monthly continuum supplements if they elect to join the affiliate program.

The Core 4 Plus for Daily Use.


Using the Core 4 Plus is an important component to address #2 and #4 in the Sinus Survival 5 Components. These daily products provide quick relief, reduce inflammation and protect against viral and funal infection. During dry winter months they are a must to provide the right environment for great sinus health.

The Quick Fix Products to Address Sinus Infections and Colds.


Using the Quick Fix 10 Products (including the Core 4 Plus) will address Sinusitis, colds, infection, inflammation and will strengthen the immune system. The Alli Rx product is a key weapon in the Respiratory Healer arsenal in addressing viral and fungal infection.The soothing nasal products provide quick relief, within the practitioner’s office.The program reduces the duration of the sufferer’s symptoms.


The Quick Fix addresses:


  • inflammation, headaches, sinus pressure and symptoms
  • viral and fungal infection
  • a weakened immune system

The Gold Membership Tutorial and Guidebook Program.


A Labor of Love – 30 years in the making and 3 years of development went into the production of Dr. Ivker’s easy-to-follow educational tutorial program. By prescribing this program to your patients, it will direct a 3 part appointment follow-up program while educating your patients on a life-changing journey:


  • 10 part video Tutorial series
  • Learn what’s causing their condition
  • Target the root causes of the sinus suffering cycle
  • Creates efficiencies by educating the patient outside of your office
  • 12 week symptom reviews and guidebook
  • Addresses 10 factors to change their sinus and overall health

The Benefits to Your Practice:

  • Creates a minimum of 3 follow-up appointments
  • Provides a guide for the practitioner and patient to follow and review
  • Provides a full integrative approach with everything needed to create success
  • Generates a revenue stream for the upfront tutorial and monthly membership
  • Sales the reason why they should first purchase products
  • Solidifies a life-long client who will continue to buy products in the continuum program when they aren’t in your office.

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