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One-Time Fee & Basic Setup Service

Basic Setup includes the training and support that you need to get started including:

Training and Support: Products and Compensation:
– Web-based Practitioner Training 

– Staff Set-up Support

– Live Q&A sessions

– Exclusive Patient Tutorials

– Sinus Survival Program Guide

– Patient Membership Community

– Patient and Staff Tutorial Education

– R.H. Consultant

– Village Green Nutritionists

– Vllage Green Testing, Compounding

– Network Office Certificate

– 3 Appointment Process

– Sinus Survival website Referral Listing 

– A Sinupulse Elite® System for your office

– Insurance reimbursement on in-office irrigation

– Wholesale in-office product Pricing

– Exclusive Sinus Survival Products

– Private Label Exclusive Pathway Brand

– Practitioner Only Brands

– Product compensation on patient internet orders

– Tutorial Affiliate Compensation – 20%

The Heart of Garlic, book by Peter Josling

– Sample Free Sinus Survival Products


One-Time Fee                        $329


Members will receive an auto-response with all of the program details.

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