Dr. Ivker,


Thank you for saving my life. I had severe sinus problems for months and developed chronic fatigue and probably candida problems, too. Since reading your book I have been able to heal my inflamed sinuses and have not had a sinus infection for two years.”                                                Brian B., Skokie, Illinois


Dear Dr. Ivker,


Thank you so much for your book. It completely changed my life! Within one week of starting your allergy program I noticed improvement. I have not had a migraine in two years; I breathe clearly and recover from allergy attacks quicker. I have not talked to anyone who tried the program who did not get relief from allergy suffering. It was truly a lifesaver for me.”

Vickie W.,  Montpelier, Virginia


Dr. Ivker,


I started your sinus and candida programs and haven’t had as much as a sniffle for most of the year. Thank you for the book. I found it when I thought I was at the end of my rope, and now I feel empowered about managing this seemingly uncontrollable aspect of my health.

Ronelle C., San Francisco, CA


Dear Dr. Ivker,


I just took your book out to lend to yet another friend who is suffering from chronic sinus disease and all the attending ailments.  Quite a few years ago (maybe ten or so) I called you from a hotel room in Laughlin, Nevada, where I was too sick to return home to Texas.  I had been to yet another doctor in Laughlin and had been given more prescriptions and while waiting for them to be filled, I saw your book and purchased it.  It was a life-changing experience when I called you that day. I wrote later thanking you for saving my life – and I believe that is exactly what you did.  Since that time I have had a rich full life and now at the age of 66 am still hale, hearty and enjoying that life you helped me keep.


I have recommended your book to many, many people over the years and introduced a lot of friends to the joys of salt-water nasal flushes.  While waiting to check out at the grocery store the other day I was thumbing through Woman’s World magazine and saw an article that expounded on all the treatments you recommended for sinus infections so long ago.  You were a true pioneer and I’m sure the quality of life, and perhaps life itself were the gifts you gave during that over-medicated approach to treating sinus infection.  I’m happy to see your website and will keep up with what is going on with you now.  I hope all good things of life have been heaped on you and your loved ones.  Thanks again.


Barbara F., Austin, TX


Dr. Ivker,



I am a huge believer in your natural, holistic approach and tell everyone of the life benefits that such an approach can have for anyone and everyone. I felt miserable for years until I went through your treatment program. I feel like a new person now, thank you! My new routine is now just that my normal routine. I continue to take the recommended vitamins, I use the Sinus Survival spray daily, the peppermint oil and I spray the Eucalyptus in my shower. I also use the Sinupulse weekly. I also continue to make different choices as to what I eat.  You teach of a heightened awareness to make healthy choices. I feel so furtunate to have learned from your program  and will share that with others around me. I thank you for the impact that you have had on my life and for the future outlook that I now have- thanks to your program.


Thank you again, Amy Graziano, Denver CO


Dear Dr. Ivker,


My health is better and better, and my conviction in what a radical transition a holistic approach can bring about in a person’s life is now very, very strong. If you are really going for optimal health, it can mean making major transitions and decisions in your life, and optimal health is my goal, and one I feel committed to achieve, thanks to you.

I have not had a sinus infection in 8 months now, a first for me. I have not even had inflamed sinuses for the past 2 months.  I used to have the problem every week. I do have candida, oral thrush though, but it’s much, much easier to handle than the sinus thing. My energy level is higher than it has ever been and my mind clearer. I also wanted to tell you that I have thought non stop about what you said about the perception of lost love being very hard on the immune system. That unconditional love is the healing force. This has really helped me a lot.

I just wanted to report back to you and to let you know that even though we only spoke three or four times, your words and vision have had a tremendous impact on my life.
I hope you come to France one day to visit!
Take care,
Andrea W., Paris, France



Dear Dr. Ivker,
Thank you for responding to my e-mail, and for answering my questions. I did get passed the worst of the die-off symptoms, and you were right, I feel better than I can remember feeling, in a very long time. I had such horrible sinus problems for over 15 years. I endured 3 sinus operations, and upon my most recent visit to my ENT, was getting ready for another one. I decided to give your program a try before doing so, and I am so glad that I did.

I used to wake up every morning and was very grumpy, simply because I was not feeling well. Now, from the minute that I open my eyes in the morning, I feel happy, and have an overall sense of well-being throughout the day. I am able to fall asleep at a decent hour in the evening, and I wake up early in the morning ready to go. I am far more productive, than ever before. People have readily noticed a change in my personality, lately. I am much calmer and honestly feel that I am thinking more clearly. I can also say that I did not experience any PMS symptoms this last month.

I purchased the irrigation attachment, and irrigate daily. I also purchased the botanical nasal spray, and the eucalyptus oil. I did recently get a sinus infection, but after using the combination, it was gone the following day. I can honestly say that in all my years of sinus hell, I have never found anything, including antibiotics, that relieved the symptoms so quickly. I was skeptical when I started your program, but now tell everyone I know about it. Your program has truly changed my life. I cannot thank you enough. If there is anything that I can do for you in return, please, let me know.

I followed the Candida diet, and initially thought that it was going to be worse than a prison sentence. Once I started getting creative with the food and ingredient possibilities, it actually was enjoyable. After I got through the die-off period, and started feeling better, it felt good to know that I was putting good and healthy food into my body. In fact, I am planning to incorporate this way of eating into my daily dietary plan, from here on.

Once again, I would like to thank you for, what I would imagine to have been many years of hard work and research in developing this program. The results of your efforts are truly astounding. I never would have imagined a natural remedy to be so effective in curing such a horrible chronic health condition. I consulted with so many different doctors, throughout the years, to try to find a cure and it is utterly amazing to me that what most of them prescribed, actually worsened the condition. I know many people suffering from this chronic condition, and I share my story and your program with them. It would seem that your program should receive some notoriety, so that more people can experience relief, and happiness. You should appear as a guest on Oprah’s talk show.

Thanks and Very Best Regards,
Gail K., Chicago, IL





Dr. Ivker, Thanks for your response to my email.  I got rid of my chronic sinusitis by following your strict diet for 6-7 weeks and taking garlic tablets, oregano oil, probiotics (the refrigerated capsules All Flora), Herbs Etc’s Yeast Relief (Pau d’arco black walnut complex drops) and caprylic acid capsules.  I experienced die-off which lasted for over two weeks and then started getting better.  Had two colds subsequently which did not turn into sinus infections and am back to eating normally but generally trying to avoid sugar, mushrooms and too much starch.

I had a very healthy diet to begin with (no processed or prepared foods, lots of fruits and vegetables and only whole grains), but clearly my excessive use of antibiotics (10 courses in 2005 and 6 in the first half of 2006 plus prednisone) had really allowed the candida to flourish and take over.  Thanks for your book, I used it in conjunction with Dr. Crook’s book and some other articles, and the treatment really worked.  I am quite disappointed in the traditional medical community which did not help me.  I had allergy testing which revealed no allergies and was prescribed Nasacort 2/day but did not take that because was afraid the cortisteroid would grow the candida.  Instead I use a grapefruit seed extract nasal spray and nasal rinse with the neti pot 2 times/day.  So far so good.

Genevieve R., Madison, WI

Dear Dr. Ivker,


I felt compelled to say thank you yet again for writing and publishing your Sinus Survival book.  Since just over a year ago, I had been free of my chronic sinusitis for about eight years.  Up until the time I read your book the only “relief” I had from the headaches and pressure was to take regular courses of Tavist D every 11 hours.  Previously I had bouts of sinus problems 3-4 times per year, however the year I found your book at the local pharmacy I had been suffering for nearly 11 months straight.  It was a particularly stressful year; one that most certainly introduced me to the significant impact stress could have on my health!


Anyway, long story short, Santa Ana winds and pollen blooms came and went for about eight years and I experienced no sinus problems whatsoever – from my perspective it was truly amazing!  As a matter of fact I was so used to not having them that when I recently got my second “cold” in three months it took someone mentioning the Santa Ana winds to remind me I might really be having sinus problems again.  Though it only lasted for 4 days (whew!) I went right out and bought a new copy of your book and started the preventative program again – this time with the pregnancy related dosages (yes, we’re anticipating it but have yet to confirm).  After two weeks I’m already starting to feel more energetic and rested after sleeping.  With that I’ll just say thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the work you have done to make the Sinus Survival program work!

You’re keeping me in the clear!!


With many kind regards,

Jacy B., San Diego, CA



Dear Dr. Ivker,


Affirmations to relieve anger were very helpful for me, as well as most of your recommendations in Sinus Survival. True science can predict the outcome of events.

I can predict that my sinusitis will be kept at bay or relieved with sinus saline lavage as often as needed daily and as necessary preceded by one hour with one spray of Oxymetazoline. Researchers in the news for the past 7 years cite some peoples immune response to fungus causing toxic mucous resulting in sinus and lung inflammation and irritation.  Washing out the fungus would explain prevention of or relief of all respiratory grief whether done at home or in the OR by an ENT.


All my life in the Sacramento valley (high in mold counts) I have had sinus and lung infections. The 18 months in Hawaii and 14 months in Saudi Arabia (from sea level to 6,000 ft) I had no sinus or lung trouble at all.  Low mold counts in both countries and frequent nasal saline irrigation in the ocean in Hawaii. Antifungals that you prescribed me in ’92 were at least ten years ahead of current thinking by the Medical Community. In ’92 my allergist warned me that Candidiasis was proven to be a non entity and I was risking my liver unnecessarily.  I still see this allergist and he now acknowledges I was ten years ahead of current thinking and he now offers up his prescription pad to write whatever I want.


Your book was responsible for digging me out of sinus hell, and I will be eternally grateful. I haven’t felt this well for twenty years. Thank you for getting me going in the right direction.  I just completed 15 months without sinusitis, my longest sinus free period in 24 years thanks to Sinus Survival.

Forever grateful,

John S., RN, Cottonwood, CA



Dear Dr. Ivker,


I want to thank you for giving me back my happy exuberant four year old! For over two years, Owen has suffered from chronic sinus infections requiring countless rounds of antibiotic which offered little if any relief. Some doctors said the cause was allergies, others said underdeveloped sinuses, but no one was able to manage the problem! The problem was chronic stuffiness, swollen face, pain, irritability, low frustration tolerance, exhaustion, and many missed days of preschool and playing with friends. With Owen facing possible surgery and having been on antibiotics forty days out of the last sixty, I picked up your book Sinus Survival and began to read. Here I found the holistic approach I was looking for. I began to change Owen’s diet to decrease the harmful levels of yeast in his system (much of it brought about by the repeated doses of antibiotic!), and I started flushing his sinuses twice daily. It took just two days to notice a difference. The swelling in his face went down and the dark circles under his eyes disappeared. After a week, Owen’s energy level had soared and he was quick to laugh and excited about facing the day. For the first time I believe that we can manage the problem–if not solve it!

Warmest regards,

Siobhan S., Lafayette, CO


Dr. Ivker,


I bought the book Sinus Survival 5 years ago when I lived North Carolina; I have struggled with sinus infections for years.  After reading this I have approached it completely different.  I still have problems (3 dogs & 3 cats) but I use all the methods in the book to stay well. After years of taking prescription medication I feel free from antibiotics. Thanks a lot for the help, it has enhanced my life.

Linda C., Elmwood Park, IL



Dr. Ivker,


I scored 180 on the candida test in the book. After being on the Sinus Survival treatment program for just three weeks, I feel much better and my headaches are gone. Thank you!”

Kerri K., Chicago, IL